Post-Race Newsletter 26th July 2015


Dear Trailers, Partners and Sponsors,

Perfect weather conditions, motivated runners, great entertainment and music, flawless logistics… We could not have asked more for another SUCCESSFUL edition! This year, 1,608 trailers, amateurs and professionals, participated in the Dodo Trail. Thank you for joining us in great numbers and positioning the Dodo Trail as an unmatchable and wonderful event!

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015: five times thank you!

Ze Dodo Trail team thanks all the sponsors of this fifth edition for their valuable support. A BIG thank you to the Mauritius Commercial Bank, our main sponsor. Hats off to our silver sponsors: Heritage Resorts, Phoenix Beverages Limited, Swan and the MTPA. And our bronze sponsors: the GML Think Green, Air Mauritius, Emcar Sports, Isostar, Apollo Branwell, Riverland, Palco, Eruption and Rentacolor, plus Dodo Travel & Tours, Farmstead, Les Moulins de la Concorde and Racing Madagascar.

We thank our sponsors who help us improve our logistics in order to offer an exceptional experience to our participants.

Top performing runners

As announced earlier this year, the Dodo Trail hosted more runners this year, be it local trailers, international and star trailers! This shows us that the Dodo Trail attracts more and more nature lovers and trailers. The 12 star runners lived up to their reputation and delivered a great performance!

Ranking of Xtreme Dodo Trail – men (50km)

  • Ricky Lightfoot [British] : 5:40:43.6
  • Thabang Madiba [South African] : 6:06:41.9
  • Simon Paillard  [French] : 6:08:03.9
  • Simon Desvaux de Marigny [Mauritian] : 6:08:03.9

Ranking of l’Xtreme Dodo Trail – women (50km)

  • Landie Greyling [South African] : 7:05:05.8
  • Sophie Blard [Reunion Island] : 8:24:39.1
  • Tatiana Bathfield [Mauritian] : 8:46:49.1

Ranking of Ti Dodo Trail – men (25km)

  • Quentin De Maroussem [Mauritian] : 3:33:18.8
  • Dimitri Poisson [Mauritian] : 3:51:38.2
  • Roshan TEELUCK [Mauritian] : 4:02:29.9 

Ranking of Ti Dodo Trail – women (25km)

  • Laura Orgue [Spanish] : 2:34:36.7
  • Maite Maiora [Spanish] : 2:39:45.1
  • Estelle CARRET [Spanish] : 3:27:30.6

Ranking of Mini Dodo Trail – men (10km)

  • Xavier Verny [Mauritian] : 0:49:31
  • Janot Fra [Mauritian] : 0:49:41
  • Bhuvish Lukea [Mauritian] : 0:51:07

Ranking of Mini Dodo Trail – women (10km)

  • Marie Perrier [Mauritian] : 1:07:34
  • Rachel Quéland [Mauritian] : 1:07:46
  • Lollos Rodseth RODSETH [South African] : 1:16:42

Ranking of Dodo Fun Run – men (5km)

  • Léo de Maroussem [Mauritian] : 0:16:38
  • Ludovic Mareemootoo [Mauritian] : 0:17:02
  • Cyrille Rasoamanana [French] : 0:17:03

Ranking of Dodo Fun Run – women (5km)

  • Marie Valerie Yolaine Wedekind [Mauritian] : 0:16:39
  • Kelly Ozoux [Mauritian] : 0:21:18
  • Elodie Dubaux [Mauritian]: 0:21:20

Congratulations to all dodo trailers!

A united team

Thank you to the 200 volunteers who were present on field all day long before, during and after the trail. Behind the scenes of the Dodo Trail, a team works 24/7 and makes sure that everything is ready for the D-Day. Among them, Dominique de Spéville Doger, Vany Mardiapoulle and Christophe Doger de Spéville. Ze Dodo Trail thanks them for the tremendous work done!

A special thanks to Jérôme Désiré, the animator of the Dodo Trail, who once again brought an amazing atmosphere to the famous event and to Rentacolor for the sound system and music at the beginning and finishing lines.

Striking tracks

Since 2011, the Dodo Trail has offered runners a unique experience in the most beautiful parts of the west coast. This year again, we had the chance to run through beautiful tracks. Ze Dodo Trail warmly thanks the landowners who have granted us the right to pass though their private land.

See you all next year for another amazing trail!

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