Start Time

5:00 am

Starting Line

Emba Filao, Le Morne

Finishing Line


Number of Runners

400 maximum

Refreshment Points




Maximum Altitude


EST. Winner's Time


Maximum Race Time


DISTANCE (KM)010172434434751
ETA 1st RUNNER5:005:506:457:458:509:5010:2011:00
CUT-OFF TIME-9:0011:3014:0016:0017:3019:00

About the Route

The Dodo Trail XTREME starts at the foot of Le Morne Brabant mountain. The finish line is at Riverland Mauritius in Tamarin. Le Morne peninsula is known for Le Morne Brabant, the majestic mountain classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site based on its historical and cultural importance.  

At this time of year, the race starts in the dark. Runners will need headlamps. The first kilometres are on a sandy flat 4x4 road to warm up before reaching the slopes of the majestic Le Morne Brabant mountain — the first ascent of the race. The 4x4 road leads to 250 m of altitude before running down the mountain, towards the north, on a single-track trail.  

The participants will then enter a vast deer hunting ground, the first of several private properties they will cross in the southwest. This part of the race is done on hilly 4x4 trails as the west coast panorama starts to be illuminated by the rising sun.  

Participants will then enter a second private property, Le Petit Morne, for their second ascent of 250 m of positive elevation, before reaching the first refreshment point (RP 1) after 10 km of effort. From there, participants will enjoy a fantastic view over île aux Bénitiers and the crystal-clear lagoon that surrounds it. 

Runners will then need to deal with a technical and uneven single track, before reaching a 4x4 trail, entering the private estate of Ebony Forest, a sanctuary for the native fauna and flora. 

Afterwards, the track climbs steeply up to Piton Canot. At 550 m high, this peak offers a fantastic panorama over the region. The trail then follows steep and uneven terrain down to Chamarel and the second water station, located at the 17 km mark and at an altitude of 250 m. The next stage of the race is a long, steep ascent towards le Piton de la Rivière Noire, Mauritius’ highest peak at 828 m. From the top of le Piton de la Rivière Noire, runners will enjoy breathtaking views of the island’s luxuriant vegetation, its lagoon, and the ocean beyond.  

A single track then follows the mountain’s edge, which can be very muddy at times, towards Grand Piton, some 700 m further along. It then winds its way to the Black River Gorges before reaching the forest and the third water table (RP 3) at 24 km.  

A 4×4 track then climbs continuously over the next 5 km to an elevation of 600 m, through Plateau Remousse and Camphrier. Trail runners will then run on a mostly flat section, before entering Mare aux Joncs track, a rustic muddy and rocky path. After 500km on the 4x4 trail, trail runners will then reach the flat Macchabée section of the race and will keep left towards Macchabée Kiosk and the 34 km mark, where a fourth water station will be located (RP 4).  

From this vantage point, the entire west coast of the island is visible. Trail runners will need to stay focused as they reach the Zepol track, which descends at an incline of over 30%. The trail then slopes back down to the Black River Gorges. After 200 m, trail runners will Filwil track, then will follow a rocky and technical path down to a river where runners will climb a stile and enter the Matala hunting ground.  

Next, participants will follow a 4×4 track for 4 km. This section is dry, with yellowish grass and stocky, drought-resistant trees typical of the Tamarin region. The track leads to a stream, then to a fence where a property known as Matala awaits, alongside the fifth water station at the 43 km mark.  

The trail crosses the private estate known as St. Martin up to the race’s final peak: la Tourelle de Tamarin at 548 m of altitude. From the top, the view and scenery are amazing: Black River Bay, Tamarin Bay, le Morne Brabant on one side, and Yemen and the High Grounds on the other! The track down to the finish line is highly technical. It involves a descent of the entire mountain face, through several steep, dusty, and rocky sections.  

Once trail runners have reached the foot of the mountain once more, they will follow the track through a wooded area, head towards the Tamarin River, and then run along the Tamarin Bridge before crossing the finish line at Riverland Mauritius.

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