IBL ltd (BRN C07001778) (the “Organiser”) organizes the Dodo Trail which is part of the Mauritian trail calendar which is held in the Western part of Mauritius.

Six races shall be organized on Saturday 6th and Saturday 13th of July 2024:

  • LE MORNE DASHstarting as from 14:00, Saturday July 6, at Le Morne, public path entrance
  • XTREME 50 km: starting as from 5h00, Saturday July 13, at Emba Filao restaurant at Le Morne,
  • SQUAD 50 km: starting as from 5h00, Saturday July 13,  at Emba Filao restaurant at Le Morne
  • TROOPER 25 km : starting as from  07h30, Saturday July 13  at the parking of the Black River Gorges National Park
  • VENTURE 10 km : starting as from 08h00, Saturday July 13  at Walinzi
  • ROOKIE 5 km : *starting as from  *09h00, Saturday July 13  at Walinzi 

Participants of the XTREME 50 km, SQUAD 50km and TROOPER 25 km must provide a medical certificate to confirm that they are physically fit to run the trail.

Please take note that the RTN (Rando –Trail & Nature) medical certificate or any club licence for the year 2024 shall be accepted.

Furthermore, note that the medical certificate is compulsory to complete the registration. The registration will be considered as incomplete if all documents requested are not provided together with the payment. Participants having an incomplete registration will be automatically placed on a waiting list and there is no guarantee that their registration will be considered once the registration deadline has lapsed.

Please note: Participants registered for the VENTURE 10 km and ROOKIE 5 km races must also be in good health and able to run/walk such distances.

Furthermore, the VENTURE 10 km race is a very technical race reserved for experienced runners; participants should take note of same and register to this race at their own risk.

Please note also that some sections of the SQUAD 50km relay are very technical and reserved for experienced runners only. Participants should take note of same and register to this race at their own risk.

Registrations are open as from the 1st of December to the 30th of April 2024.

Registrations must be done through the www.roag.org website via a secured online payment. Payments can either be made by Credit Card, Internet Bank Transfer or Bank Deposit on the ROAG website. A proof of payment must be sent via mail to i[email protected] for Internet Bank Transfers and Bank Deposits.

Compulsory information required is mentioned on the website and registration form.

Registrations fees for the 2024 edition are as follows:

RaceLe Morne DashXtreme 50Squad 50Trooper 25Venture 10Rookie 5
IBL employees / RTN Rs.520Rs. 1,760Rs. 640Rs. 1000Rs. 680Rs. 520
Resident Rs. 650Rs. 2,200Rs. 800*Rs. 1,250Rs. 850Rs. 650
Non-Resident (EURO) 30 € (Rs. 1000)60 € (Rs. 2,800)35 € (Rs. 1,650)50 € (Rs. 2,350)35 € (Rs. 1,650)30 € (Rs. 1,400)


*Squad 50km rate is per participant.

In case of cancellation of registration by the participant:

No reimbursement will be taken into consideration for any reason whatsoever (even in the case of an injury certified by a medical certificate or for a departure on a trip).

Any participant who cannot participate in the race will not be entitled to resell or give his/her bib to anyone. Please note that it is forbidden to run the race with someone else’s bib.


If a participant has any queries or would like to do a ‘Bib Swap’ (Substitution) or Race Change he can notify a ROAG Representative at Race Office on the Race Pack Collection Day, 10th of July 2024.

  • If a participant does a bib swap (Substitution) in respect of a Race Change he will have to pay the difference between the shorter and the longer distance plus a payment of Rs 100 (cash only) for new entrant bib.
  • If a participant downgrades races (changes his race from a longer distance to a shorter distance) then he will have to pay Rs 100 for a new bib. Changes can only be made at the race pack collection days (not on the day of the races).
  • XTREME 50 km: participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • TROOPER 25 km: participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • SQUAD 50 km: participants must be at least 18 years old for the first (17 km / 1,150 m D+) and third (19 km / 1,100 m D+) relays; participants must be at least 14 years old for second (7 km / 600 m D+) and fourth (8 km / 650 m D+) relays.
  • LE MORNE DASH: participants must be at least 14 years old.
  • VENTURE 10 km: participants must be at least 14 years old.
  • ROOKIE 5 km is open to everyone from 6 years old. We recommend that children below 10 years old to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Minors must provide a parental authorization to register for any race.

Runners (Men & Women) of the five main races, that is, the XTREME, SQUAD, TROOPER, VENTURE and ROOKIE will be classified as per the age group categories below (the participants’ age on 31 December 2023 determines their respective categories).


XTREME 50KM, TROOPER 25KM, VENTURE 10KM, ROOKIE 5KM, LE MORNE DASHOverall: First 5 Men & Women of each race
XTREME 50KM, TROOPER 25KM, VENTURE 10KM, LE MORNE DASHJunior (17 to 19 years): First 3 Men & Women
XTREME 50KM, TROOPER 25KM, VENTURE 10KM, LE MORNE DASHSenior (20 to 39 years): First 3 Men & Women
XTREME 50KM, TROOPER 25KM, VENTURE 10KM, LE MORNE DASHVeteran 1 (40 to 49 years): First 3 Men & Women
XTREME 50KM, TROOPER 25KM, VENTURE 10KM, LE MORNE DASHVeteran 2 (50 to 59 years): First 3 Men & Women
XTREME 50KM, TROOPER 25KM, VENTURE 10KM, LE MORNE DASHVeteran 3 (60 to 69 years): First 3 Men & Women
XTREME 50KM, TROOPER 25KM, VENTURE 10KM, LE MORNE DASHMaster (70 years and above): First 3 Men & Women
SQUAD 50KMFirst 3 Men & Women, and mixed teams
VENTURE 10KM, LE MORNE DASHChildren (14 to 15 years): First 3 girls and boys
VENTURE 10KM, LE MORNE DASHJunior (16 to 17 years): First 3 girls and boys
ROOKIE 5KMChildren (6 to 9 years): First 3 girls and boys
ROOKIE 5KMChildren (10 to 14 years): First 3 girls and boys
ROOKIE 5KMJunior (15 to 18 years): First 3 girls and boys


Each runner will receive his/her race timing in hours, minutes, and seconds. The stopwatch of the organizing team will be the only official method of timekeeping. In case of ex-aequo, the prize will be attributed to the older runner.

All the prize giving will be made on the Saturday 13th of July at the race village.

Some sections of the SQUAD 50km relay are very technical and reserved for experienced runners only. Participants should take note of same and register to this race at their own risk.

  • A team is composed of four (4) individual participants
  • A participant can run only one (1) relay section
  • A participant must run the complete section of his/her Relay
  • The same cut-off times of the Xtreme 50km are applied to the Squad 50km also
  • A team can be composed of only men, only woman, or mixed. Prizes will be given to these 3 categories.
  • A runner can start his/her relay section only after collecting the relay bracelet
  • The race finishes only when the 4th runner crosses the finish line with his relay bracelet
  • Checks will be done at relay stations (Refreshment Points)
  •  A race bib with electronic chip
  •  A meal and drinks at the race village
  •  Refreshment tables (water, coke, sugar, salt, bananas …) along the different tracks
  • A runner’s equipment bag for the Xtreme 50km participants
  • LE MORNE DASH: Proper running shoes.
  • ROOKIE 5 km: Proper running shoes.
  • VENTURE 10 km: Water (min 1L), and proper trail running shoes.
  • TROOPER 25 km: Water (min 1.5L), whistle, and proper trail running shoes
  •  SQUAD 50 km: Water (min 1.5L), whistle, and proper trail running shoes
  • XTREME 50 km: Water (min 2L), thermal blanket, head lamp with spare batteries, whistle, proper trail running shoes. A pair of gloves could be useful and is recommended but is not compulsory.

Prohibited equipment: ski‐types poles (i.e., any ski pole fitted with a metal tip) are strictly forbidden.

Compulsory equipments will be verified at the start of each races. Failing to comply with these requirements will result in the disqualification of the runner. Additional checks can be done on at any moment during the event.

A multi-disciplinary medical team set up by the organization will be present on site throughout the duration of the races. Members of this team will provide medical assistance to participants at each first aid station set up along the different race track. They will also promptly notify the Race Director of the inability of a participant to continue any race, if need be. The final decision in this regard will however belong to the Organizer.

Upon registration at the race start, participants must willingly show their bib fastened in front of them at waist height. It is compulsory for all participants of all four races to have their electronic chip supplied to them.

Control marking points are set along the track and control at such points are compulsory for the runners. The organization could check the runners’ pack, at any time during the event and at the finish line. The timekeeper will determine the ranking of each runner.

  • XTREME 50 KM 
DISTANCE (KM)010172434434751
ETA 1st RUNNER5:005:506:457:458:509:5010:2011:00
CUT-OFF TIME-9:0011:3014:0016:0017:3019:00


  • TROOPER 25 KM 
DISTANCE (KM)07162024
ETA 1ST RUNNER7:308:108:459:1010:00
CUT-OFF TIME14:0015:3017:00

If any runner abandons any of the four races, he shall inform the person responsible of the nearest control point and hand to him his electronic chip. His bib will be crossed, and he must then wait for pick-up at a pre-designated place. If the participant decides to continue the race in spite of those actions taken, he will do so at his own risks and no longer be under the legal responsibility of the Dodo Trail.

In the event of any non-compliance with this rule, the organization cannot be held responsible for any consequence arising therefrom. In addition, the organization reserves the right not to entertain the registration of any such participant for future editions.

Runners may only benefit from personal assistance at refreshment tables and control points, excluding any assistance: such as a pacer, helper or a carrier. Any one not complying with those rules will be disqualified.

Xtreme 50km runners will be able to drop-off equipment in a bag that will be given to you in your race pack. The filled bag must be given to the organizers before the start of the race, and will be transported and made available to you at CP3 (Black River Gorges).

The Dodo Trail subscribes to a liability insurance for the duration of the event. This covers any prejudice caused to third parties and runners as a result of any act of the organizer. The Dodo Trail cannot be held liable as from the moment a runner abandons a race or is disqualified for having arrived at a checkpoint after the authorized time, on the basis of a medical reason or for any other reason determined by the Race Director.

A personal accident insurance will be offered to all participants, with benefits per insured person below:


  • Death Rs 500,000
  • Permanent Disablement Rs 500,000
  • Medical Expenses: Rs 25,000 per accident


  • Rs 500 of each and every claim

1. One‐hour penalty on the participant’s timing for each of the following:

  • If the race number is not visible.
  • If non‐authorized assistance is provided to a participant outside a refreshment post (via a “water carrier” or even a pacesetter).

2. Disqualification

  • Failed to show at checkpoint.
  • Failure to wear race bib.
  • Check‐in outside the cut off times as mentioned on the race profiles.
  • Making use of any type of transport during the event
  • Doping or refusal to undergo the doping control.
  • Non‐assistance to participant in difficulty
  • Insulting, threatening, or striking any race officers or members of the organization by participants is strictly prohibited and automatically leads to disqualification from all the four races. Any verbal or written position taken up before, during and after the race, of a defamatory or injurious nature, may be sanctioned by a prohibition to participate to any one of the races for one or more years, subject to nature of gravity of same, and without prejudice to any possible judicial proceeding whatsoever.
  • Refusing to be examined by medical doctors at any moment during the race.
  • Using shortcuts on the track.
  • Resell or exchange Dodo Trails bibs. Spot checks may take place during pre‐race checking‐in on the day of the event and, in case of infringement, any participant found wearing a bib not registered under his/her name, will immediately be disqualified from the event.
  • Any runner who would be physically and psychically unfit to carry on the race.
  • No bag/belt required to carry with the useful equipment.
  • Failed to show at the start line or finished the race outside the set time.
  • Dangerous attitude of the runner; making use of dangerous and illegal object.

Runners have to wear their race number in the front part of their vest, at chest level, to be visible by all. Runners should be able to shout their race number at different control points if required. If any runner does not do so, he or she will be disqualified.

All complaints about the results must be made in writing and filed with the race timing officers (ROAG) ([email protected]) within 30 minutes of the announcement of the provisional results.

All complaints about the race organisation must be made to the Race Director on [email protected]

The trail jury is composed of the following persons: the Race Director,a representative of the ROAG team, a representative of the medical team.

The trail jury makes decisions concerning any disqualification or stopping of races due to injury or inability of continuing the race on the recommendation of the race doctor.

Prize giving planned as follows:

  • Saturday 6th of July, 5:00 p.m: Le More Dash
  • Saturday 13th of July, 12:00 p.m: Rookie 5 km
  • Saturday 13th of July, 1:00 p.m: Venture 10 km
  • Saturday 13th of July, 3:00 p.m: Trooper 25 km
  • Saturday 13th of July, 4:00 p.m: Squad 50 km and Xtreme 50 km

Winners from different categories will receive their prize/gift only during the award ceremony.

All participants hereby expressly waive their right to the use images related to the race, and also waive their right (if any) to bring any legal proceedings in this regard against the event organizer and its authorized partners, for any use made of his/her image. In that respect, participants will be asked to consent to the Dodo Trail Privacy Notice during the registration process. All professional audio‐visual service providers or professional photographs should obtain accreditation therefore from the event organizer. It is hence hereby agreed that no image, photography or video film whatsoever of the Dodo Trail 2024 event may be sold to any private partner or private TV channel by any such professionals, without prior consent from the race organizer.

There will be no refund of registration fees in case of cancellation of the race due to an event of force majeure. For the purposes of this Article, the participants fully acknowledge that the force majeure is constituted by any adverse event likely to significantly affect the Dodo Trail event, including, but not limited to:


  • Notice of heavy/torrential rain
  • Cyclone
  • Tsunami
  • Strong wind warning
  • Earthquake
  • Electric storm
  • Tropical storm, depression, cyclone
  • War
  • Emergency state
  • Threat or terrorist attack or alert
  • In general, any condition that the organizer considers threatening the safety of the participants during the race, without notice, without compensation.
  • Such a decision of cancellation due to a force majeure as contractually defined above by the organizer, may be taken without notice, especially in case of emergency and shall not give rise to any compensation of participants of any kind, which the participants expressly acknowledge without any reservation whatsoever.


In the event the Dodo trail is cancelled for any reason whatsoever after it has started, there will be no refund to the participants.

The organization team reserves the right to change the race tracks at any time, without prior notice. Any such change shall not give rise to a refund of the participants’ registration fees.

All participants agree to abide by these rules by virtue of their registration to the Dodo Trail.

By registering to the Dodo Trail, participants confirm that they participate with due knowledge of these rules, the races technicalities and their intrinsic risks and that they participate at their own will and risk.

The Organiser of the Dodo Trail shall not be liable for any incident or accident involving a participant during the event that is not a result of the act of the Organiser.

Participants agree to free and hold harmless the Organiser, as well as its representatives, members of the Dodo Trail organisation team, employees, directors, sub-contractors, sponsors, advertising agents, partners and any other affiliated person or entity, or volunteer, from/against any liability, claim, compensation or lawsuit whatsoever, either made by the participant or his/her assignees, after his/her participation to the Dodo Trail.

The Organiser will not be responsible of any damages sustained by the participant or by any damages that the latter could cause to the other participants during the event.

These Rules may be subject to amendments which will be communicated to participants accordingly.

This version is dated 10th November 2023.