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Success is the word to describe the 4th edition of the Dodo Trail!

The 4th edition of the Dodo Trail took place in a friendly atmosphere this Sunday July 13, 2014 in Black River. Participation has broken records this year with 1,330 runners, which makes us very proud.


You can find the full results on the Dodo Trail website

Ranking of Xtreme Dodo Trail – men (50km)

1. Ricky Lightfoot [British] – 05:19:21
2. Jean-Pierre Grondin [Reunion Island] – 05:55:30
3. Jeannick Boyer [Reunion Island] – 06:02:54

Ranking of Xtreme Dodo Trail – women (50km)

1. Landie Greyling [South African] – 6:49:10
2. Estelle Carret [Reunion island] – 6:51:55
3. Andrea Clemons [Malagasy] – 8:37:35

Ranking of Ti Dodo Trail – men (25km)

1.  Gerry Perrault [Reunion island] – 02:28:26
2.  Jean Marie Cadet [Reunion island] – 02:31:24
3.  Yannick Vidot [Reunion island] – 02:44:03

Ranking of Ti Dodo Trail – women (25km)

1= Cécile Ciman [Reunion island] – 3:16:10
1= Fatima Hibon [Reunion island] – 3:16:10
3. Gina Treleaven [South African] – 3:24:29

Ranking of Mini Dodo Trail – men (10km)

1. Mico Clain [Reunion island] – 00:50:28
2. Janot Fra [Mauritian] – 00:51:39
3. Xavier Verny [Mauritian] – 00:55:16

Ranking of Mini Dodo Trail – women (10km)

1. M-Alexandra Clain [Reunion island] – 0:58:22
2. Louis Christianne [Mauritian] – 1:06:33
3. Isambourg Eve [Mauritian] – 1:09:51

Ranking of Dodo Fun Run – men (5km)

1. Leo de Maroussem [Mauritian] – 00:16:02
2. Jean Alexandre Paul [Mauritian] – 00:16:51
3.Ramboro Jean Noel [Mauritian] – 00:16:54

Ranking of Dodo Fun Run – women (5km)

1. Agnès Guimbeau [Mauritian] – 0:18:52
2. Julienne Lea [Mauritian] – 0:19:16
3. Vanessa Julienne [Mauritian] – 0:19:18

Guests of honour for the 4th edition of the Dodo Trail

Ricky Lightfoot and Landie Greyling both destroyed the records of last year by 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively.

Thank you message from the Dodo Trail team

A big thanks to all owners of the private domains, who allow us to browse through their land each year for this wonderful journey.

The Dodo Trail also wishes to thank all the sponsors and partners who have joined us this year as well as those who are with us since the beginning of the adventure like Heritage Resorts who is our Gold sponsor, our Silver sponsors including Swan Group, le Sport ça me dit, MTPA and Air Mauritius, our Bronze sponsors as follows: GML Think Green, Emcar Sports, Velogic, Apollo Bramwell, Rentacolor, Isostar, Dodo Travel, Tusk Contracting and Eruption. Finally a big thanks to Riverland Sport Club and les Moulins de la Concorde. The Dodo Trail team counts on your support to make this 5th edition again a great success.

The Dodo Trail team thanks all the exhibitors who were present on the big day namely: Heritage Resorts, Swan Group, Izumi Systems, the organisers of the Colorado Trail and Rodrigues Trail, Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, GML Think Green, Emcar Sports, City Sports, Panacea, Simis, Coco Up, BiteMe!, Oxenham Ltd and Era Sports.

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who welcomed, encouraged and motivated the runners at refueling stations, at the line of departure and arrival as well as the masseuses, osteopaths, physiotherapists and podologists who took great care of our runners throughout the day after their race without forgetting the mountain rescue team including: Vertical World as well as the medical team, Apollo Bramwell, who ensured the safety of the participants.

The Dodo Trail team thanks all the photographers and videographers for their beautiful pictures and looks forward to see the others soon.

Sincere thanks to our great friend and race animator, Jerome Desire for having set an amazing atmosphere and thanks to all the people who contributed to the success of the Dodo Trail.

A big thanks you to the Riverland Sports Club who welcomed and provided us with a beautiful arrival village, which was accessible to all.

The Dodo Trail does not forget those who have worked behind the scenes and who helped make this day even more enjoyable. We hope we have not forgotten anyone and if we have, please kindly accept our apologies.

We wish to thank and congratulate all the runners who have traveled the paths of the South West coast of the island. Your smiles, your dynamism and your beautiful testimonies have made our day. You were all great and we hope you enjoyed participating in this great event.

This fourth edition has been outstanding and we thank you all for this great show and for your participation in this memorable sporting day. Through donations from participants and the supports from GML Think Green, we have collected an amount of Rs 100,000 this year in order to help the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. We have succeeded in combining the pleasure of sport to a good cause. Hence, our goal is doubly reached!

Sincerely, sportily and friendly, hope to see you soon on the 5th edition of The Dodo Trail scheduled for Sunday July 12, 2015!

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